{What to expect}

A small deposit is due at the time of booking to reserve your date and time and is applied to your total package.

No money is needed when you arrive for your session. The balance of your package is due once you get notification that your gallery is available for viewing and is payable using our online shopping cart.

It takes approximately 1-2 weeks to process your images after your session

Once your images are ready, you will be sent an email to your private, password protected on-line gallery to view and order your portraits and other products. {If you would like help picking out your products, we can set-up a consultation upon request}

Regular orders containing prints and CD folios should arrive within 2 weeks after I have received your order & final payment . If ordering a custom album, book or other specialty item, please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.


{Preparing for your session}

If you want the full Diva experience, the best option to make yourself look your best is to hire a professional.  There are hair and makeup artists all over the Puget Sound area. For an inexpensive option on make-up consider a MAC counter or other cosmetic counter in any department store. MAC provides a free make-up application with a small purchase. I highly recommend purchasing their false eyelashes!

Hair should be down, loose, and light on product. Loose braids and pigtails can be good variations, but in general your hair should be free-flowing.  This gives us more options during the session. Clip-in extensions, hairpieces, and wigs can be a great way to glam up your hairstyle.

Makeup should fit your outfit – softer and more natural for casual attire, dark and dramatic for sexier looks.  Don’t feel like your makeup should be extra heavy for photos – the way your makeup looks in person is exactly how it will photograph.  Lip gloss/stick and fake eyelashes are fantastic enhancements and are encouraged! The key areas are the eyes and the lips!

Treat yourself to a manicure and pedicure, but avoid facials or waxing for 1-2 days before your session as they can cause redness.
Please be well moisturized prior to your session.

Practice your model face in the mirror. No worries if you feel silly, if it will help you feel more relaxed and prepared! 
Click on the link which will take you to a video showing a boudoir photo shoot.

Grand Island Mansion Boudoir Shoot – Modern Love Photography from Marmalade Sky Films on Vimeo.

Feel free to bring a girl friend with you. I find that it helps make you more comfortable and they offer lots of support! 
Better yet, you both should schedule a session!!!


{What to wear to the session}

Wear something non-restrictive to the session. Garments with elastic often leave unsightly lines and redness.


{Location of the photo shoot}

The photo shoot will be held in a hotel of your choice that you will procure (I have a list of beautiful boutique hotels if you need), your home or another location of your choosing.  Depending on weather, an outdoor shoot can produce incredible images. No matter the location,
my goal is to give you a full luxurious experience.  Surprise your significant other with a night on the town following your shoot!

Have your own sexy play list to help get you in the mood? Plan on bringing your i-pod to play.


{Helpful tips}

Invest in one or two cute panties or a bra & panty set that makes you feel super sexy and fits you perfectly. Solid vibrant colors work best. Black is a MUST! Make sure you bring a bra that is supportive so that you can also wear underneath your lingerie, if needed, for that little extra boost.  Boy short panties or low-rise panties are very flattering to your figure.

Consider personal items from your significant other – ties, hats, sports jerseys, tees, etc – to personalize your images.

Consider normal clothing if you’re nervous about being too revealing such as a sexy dress, a  cardigan, a tank top, fitted button up shirt, pencil skirt, or a fitted v-neck t-shirt.  Many of these items can be paired with cute undergarments to make a very sexy and less skimpy outfit.

Load up on accessories. Thigh high stockings, long necklaces, chokers, pearls, costume jewelry, hats, scarves, and most importantly – high heels! Tall leather boots or cowboy boots paired with a cute pair of panties can be an outfit all on their own.

Remember that sometimes no outfit can be the best outfit.  Sometimes simply implying the lack of clothing can be very sexy by simply covering with a white sheet, pillow, or prop.  Remember, it is entirely your decision how much or little you want to reveal in your portraits.

Don’t feel like you have to spend lots of money on new items for your session.  Although it can be nice to have one elaborate
piece of lingerie, we can create stunning images with the items you already own.

Don’t wear anything that is too small that will leave visible lines on your skin.

Please don’t tan or use spray tan prior to your session. It isn’t flattering and can appear orange in images. 
If you have a very bad sun burn or bad spray tan, then it is best to reschedule your session.

Try not to bring more than one piece of over-sized clothing (men’s button-up shirts, jerseys, sweaters, etc). 
Although they seem cute and sexy, they make it difficult to show off your body, which is the whole point!

If you have any other questions about what to bring or how to prepare for your session, please let me know. It’s OK to bring too much.
We can pick out the most flattering items once you arrive to your session!


{Privacy Policy}

I am very sensitive about your privacy. Other than e-mail correspondence, your full name will never be associated with your photos.  Your online proofing gallery is password protected and will only be accessed by persons YOU choose. You will be required to sign a privacy policy/model release at the time of your session. For your convenience, I provide many choices for you to choose the level of privacy you are comfortable with.  I would love to use select images on my web site, but will only do so with written consent by you.


{Emerald City Boudoir Policies}

If you want to cancel your boudoir photo shoot your retainer deposit is non-refundable.

You must give 24 hours notice for rescheduling a photo shoot to apply the retainer to another date and time.

If you give notice less then 24 hours in advance, cancel the same day, or do not reschedule to another date your retainer deposit will be forfeit.

You can only reschedule your session one time.

If you are more then 30 minutes late for your session it is considered a cancellation, retainer is forfeit,
and the session can be rescheduled with a new retainer deposit.

If you are running late please call and let me know that you will be late and your expected time of arrival.
Your session will end at the scheduled time so being late will cut into your session time.

Please email me with any other questions or concerns you may have.