Boudoir Marathon

Who says only models and actresses can have beautiful pictures of themselves!

Coming to a city near you!

Portland is such a great city and the photo shoots went great!  Thank you all who shot with me and I just love the reaction
to your images!  You were beautiful inside and out!

Based on inquiries, Portland and Seattle are now being planned!!!!!

Only $250/person


Boudoir Marathons are a one or two-day event planned exclusively around making each and every woman who schedules a
session feel beautiful and sexy. The marathons are scheduled in cities in the Pacific Northwest in a boutique hotel or beautiful B&B.
Many women like to schedule marathon sessions because of the fancy room, and then they also have the opportunity to schedule
back-to-back sessions with their girlfriends! Marathons are set up so that I can do multiple shoots in one day which allows me to offer
you a budget friendly price.  Under special circumstances, can shoot on location as well at a location of your choice.  Might be a great opportunity to shoot outdoors with the weather getting better, day after day.

I plan on scheduling marathon shoots in Seattle, Olympia and Portland.  Send me a note if you are interested and I will email you when
your city is scheduled.  I need to have a minimum of three scheduled shoots for this to make sense.

Because of inquiries, upcoming Marathon Shoots will be held in:

Olympia, WA - Dates to come

Portland, OR - December 2012

Seattle, WA - December 2012

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*Contact me for details and schedule