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The vast majority of Boudoir photographers are female. There are some talented ladies across the country doing some fantastic work. Like Christa Meola whose work I admire. And, I imagine, there are a group of clients that would only do boudoir with a female photographer. I completely understand that.


IMG_8513 A good portion of my clients specifically tell me they preferred the idea of a guy taking the photos. Why? Because the photos ultimately were for a guy. Just like with a Doctor, there will be 20% of women who only want to see a woman behind the camera, 60% who do not care which gender is behind the camera and only want the best they can find, and 20% who specifically want a man behind the camera.

While the photography business is a part time gig for a lot of photographers out there (both male and female), for me it is a full time profession.  Ideally, you will take a look at the body of work and see which portfolio best fits your personality.  Your photo shoot experience goes far beyond the actual shoot time.  Look at the photographers responsiveness to your calls or emails.  Do they get back to you right away no matter the time of day or is there a lag in their response time.  Look at the timing of getting images back to you after the photo shoot has concluded.  Are you waiting weeks for them to squeeze it in because of they are busy with other things like their regular 9-5 job?  Look at the equipment they bring to the shoot.  Have they invested in their profession with strobes and high end camera's and lenses?  Anyone can call themselves a photographer, but you should choose only the best for yourself.....because you deserve it.

IMG_1849 Any photographer, no matter the gender, should treat you like a customer.  This is a very intimate moment and needs to be handled with respect, professionalism and confidentiality.  The images on my web site are there because of the expressed written consent by these lovely ladies to allow me to use their images as examples and to help inspire others to take the plunge.  If consent is not given, the images are kept locked in a password protected gallery for the clients eyes only.

I will not only capture how pretty you look, but convey how sexy and sensuous you feel. The images will have the “wow” factor. My images are meant to knock a guy’s socks off. I love hearing feedback from wives and girlfriends of their guy’s reactions. It is always positive and once the quality of the images is obvious, the gender of the photographer becomes irrelevant. In fact, I have received cigars and bourbon as thank you gifts from the fellas, which is always appreciated. ;)

In short, find a reputable photographer whose style you feel serves the ultimate purpose of the shoot and go with it, regardless of gender.


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Beyond Lingerie https://www.emeraldcityboudoir.com/blog/2013/6/beyond-lingerie  

Boudoir photography is a great way to surprise a loved one with something intimate and sexy. But it is about more than giving your special someone an extra special gift. Boudoir photography is about making you feel beautiful with who you are. During your shoot it is all about you. Who are you? What is important to you? What are you proud of? What do you love about yourself? All of these come through the camera with stunning displays of self-confidence. 
Recently, I was able to work with a woman who embodies this very story. It is a story of inner and outer beauty that comes through a strong determination to be exactly what she wants to be. Miss E is 34-years-old and is a mother of four and a wife of almost 10 years. She worked hard to maintain her physical health by taking and teaching Zumba classes. Her shoot was about more than the typical lingerie and implied nudes. It was about empowering Miss E to feel good about herself and proud of her dedicated fitness work. It is about celebrating her success through photography of the beauty she has brought to the surface. 
This was an inspiring shoot, a kind that I hope to have many more of in the future. Women are strong and they are beautiful and they deserve to celebrate themselves in a way that depicts that. 
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Add Props to your Boudoir Bachelorette Party Photo Shoot https://www.emeraldcityboudoir.com/blog/2013/6/add-props-to-your-boudoir-bachelorette-party-photo-shoot Planning on attending a boudoir shoot with your friends? In addition to your favorite clothes and lingerie, your confidence, and a sultry smile, you should consider picking up some of these props. They'll add some fun to your shoot and be a great souvenir!






Feather Boa
A feather boa is a classic pin-up/boudoir tool. It's fun, flirty, and gives you something to play with. Feather boas come in all sorts of colors, so you should easily be able to find one that suits you!






Depending on your marital status, a veil can be worn to showcase your impending nuptials or as a reminder of your wedding night. Use the veil to shield part of your face for a bit of mystery! Find a veil here.






Top Hat
Find yourself a fun hat! It may not be something you wear on a daily basis, and that's what will make it even more special and exciting to wear as a prop. Wearing something you normally don't can be freeing! You can find this top hat here.








Reveal your inner pageant queen with a customized sash. It'll go perfectly over anything you choose to wear (or not to wear!)



What will you be bringing with you to your boudoir shoot? Let us know if you decide to use any of these props!

This post was provided by www.thehouseofbachelorette.com, your one-stop shop for bachelorette party supplies!

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Seattle Marathon https://www.emeraldcityboudoir.com/blog/2012/10/seattle-marathon CD8E2214

CD8E4985 IMG_5427 Boudoir Marathons are a one or two-day event planned exclusively around making each and every woman who schedules a
session feel beautiful and sexy. The marathons are scheduled in cities in the Pacific Northwest in a boutique hotel or beautiful B&B.
Many women like to schedule marathon sessions because of the fancy room, and then they also have the opportunity to schedule
back-to-back sessions with their girlfriends! Marathons are set up so that I can do multiple shoots in one day which allows me to offer
you a budget friendly price.

Perfect for that Holiday Gift!!!!!

Contact for details.

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Glitter and Glam https://www.emeraldcityboudoir.com/blog/2012/10/glitter-and-glam You are beautiful no matter what you wear, but why not add some glitter and glam to your look? Statement necklaces are a hot trend this year that can match any style. Add that extra something to your boudoir shoot with a necklace that really pops. Then every time you wear your necklace, you will think back to the confidence and beauty you felt during your shoot. 

We've gathered several necklaces here. Which is your favorite style? 


Tell us in the comments below which is your favorite!


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Lacey Lingerie https://www.emeraldcityboudoir.com/blog/2012/9/Lacey-lingerie What do you think of when you think of lace? For us it is classic elegant beauty. While lace wasn't really ever out of style in lingerie, it is definitely making a comeback this year. Lingerie is special because even when no body is looking at it, you feel beautiful wearing it. Here are some of the most beauty-inspiring lacey pieces we could find. 


Let us know your thoughts below! 



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Emerald City Boudoir Feature https://www.emeraldcityboudoir.com/blog/2012/9/emerald-city-boudoir-feature Today Emerald City Boudoir was featured in a blog post by My Girly Wedding in partnership with Adorri Shopping

Here is what they wrote: 

3 Reasons to Have a Boudoir Session and a Giveaway! 

If you are debating if a boudoir shoot is for you here are 3 reasons why we say boudoir is beautiful. 

1. It's about pampering yourself - Who doesn't like to look and feel beautiful? A boudoir shoot is a perfect opportunity to pamper yourself. Get your hair, get your make up done. Do the little extras that will pamper you and remind you just how amazing you are. 
2. It is about being sexy- Not getting naked. There is little more powerful than a woman who feels sexy. It is one of the most freeing and empowering experiences a woman can have. And being able to capture that on film is what boudoir is all about. 
3. It is a way to immortalize you- We all know life happens, why not remember this time in your life. Everytime you or your partner takes a look at these pictures you know you will both smile. Look and feel your best and capture that moment to live on forever. Can you think of a better way to celebrate your wedding or anniversary or even just your everyday? 
Having said that... we've partnered with Adorii, the premiere destination sales event wed-site for engaged couples, their guests, and attendants, and Emerald City Boudoir to offer you a fabulous Boudoir Session giveaway.
Enter to win 12 Boudoir photos (the perfect number for a calendar) from Emerald City Boudoir.  (Note the shoot is on location in Seattle.) 
How to enter: Visit the My Girly Wedding and follow the directions at the end of the page
On Oct 1st we will randomly draw a winner. Good Luck! 


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Great Girl's Night Out Idea! https://www.emeraldcityboudoir.com/blog/2012/9/great-girls-night-out-idea

Are you and the girls getting tired of doing the same old, shopping, movies, nails, spas or bars for your girl's nights out? Add some spice back into those girls only events by doing something a little more out of the box. You can even extend this idea into a series of fun and exciting activities. 

Week One: Take the Girls Lingerie Shopping

What a great way to spend some time and revamp your sexiness! Lingerie shopping should be fun! Take a few girl friends to your favorite place to shop, set up an appointment if necessary, and find some new under pieces for your closet. It is important to feel beautiful. If you feel truly beautiful in what you are wearing, you will exude confidence and experience better performance at work, better relationships, and an overall sense of greater enjoyment in life. Not to mention that your special someone will be excited to see you in some new surprises! 

Week Two: Get your hair done

Go for something a little different or stick with your classic look. Either way, enjoy a day of pampering at the hair salon with your best friends as you all refresh your hair with a cut, color, or both! Channel your inner-celebrity and get ready for the red carpet. You are going to have a hairstyle that will bring out all the pretty within! Sometimes all it takes to refresh and start again is a new haircut! 

Week Three: Tanning! 

tan 1 0318 dcg 23375.jpg

Okay, even though it is the end of summer, not all of us have been able to perfect our tans and with the Northwest Winter quickly approaching, we may want to add more of a base to maintain what we worked so hard to build over the past couple months. If you aren't one to tan quickly, there is always the option of spray tans. The new technology of spray tan eliminates those streaky or smeary looks for a perfectly even tanned effect. 

Week Four: Coffee Meeting with Emerald City Boudoir

Meeting with our Emerald City Boudoir photographer will enable you and your girlfriends to have a chance to discuss ideas of location, feel, and order of events. We will ensure that you have the Boudoir photography experience that you want, one that is comfortable and, of course, fun! At this meeting we will be able to decide on details, get to know each other, and answer all of your questions. This conversation is always a great excitement builder for the actual boudoir shoot! You will leave chatting with your friends about all the thrilling details that you have decided on. 

Week Five: Boudoir Photography with Emerald City Boudoir! 


This is what we have all been waiting for! It is time to get together with your friends. Help each other with makeup and hair. Shimmy into your new lingerie and share extra fun items you might have brought with you to add to the personalization of the shoot. Then one after another, experience the confidence-building experience of having your boudoir photos done. You will feel like the most beautiful woman in the world. You will have be laughing, smiling, posing and best of all, will be able to go back and tell your girl friends about the best parts of your individual shoot as they are having theirs. After the shoot, go out together to celebrate your new-found confidence. 

Bonus! Seeing your shots after the event will bring back all those feelings of beauty and confidence you felt when you took the images. You can share this special part of you with your significant other or you can keep them for yourself as a reminder of how you felt that day.  Enjoy! 

What are you waiting for? Get your friends together and start planning!
Call or email Emerald City Boudoir Photography today about setting you and your friends appointment! 
Call:  425-292-3483
Email: [email protected]



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The Hottest Nail Colors for Fall https://www.emeraldcityboudoir.com/blog/2012/9/the-hottest-nail-colors-for-fall When it comes to fashion and photography, it is all about the details. Your beautiful self will shine through no matter what you wear, but if you are looking to get photographs, you should feel as confident in all your little details. 

I have compiled the hottest nail colors for fall. I love these colors because they are so complimentary with so many different looks and I know they will add that extra something to your shoot. This season's colors are especially exciting because they are reminiscent of those strong earthy colors that pop when doing outdoor boudoir photography. Going for a more sultry look? The oxblood red may be just the tone for you. See a few of my favorites below, choose yours, and feel confident in your look from head, to fingers to toes. 

The Red Look: A classic beauty that adds that sexy something 
According to Harper's Bazaar Nail Trend Report 2012, keep your nails square and apply two coats of dark colored polish for that "take charge" look. 

The Black as Night Look: Even a good girl can pull off this look 
Pair with light makeup and you will have a fun and edgy look. 

The Metallic Drama Look: Accessorize your nails with extra shine
Go for a more dramatic look with a unique textured nail color that will highlight your modern woman personality throughout your shoot. 

The New Neutral French Mani: Perfect subtle-beauty 
This look is the answer for the woman who wants to feel secretly beautiful. The tiniest detail that sets you apart from the typical French Mani.

Which look will you choose for your shoot? We would love to hear your thoughts and favorites in the comments below!

All images from Harper's Bazaar Nail Trend Report 2012 

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Outdoor Boudoir: Part 2 https://www.emeraldcityboudoir.com/blog/2012/7/outdoor-boudoir-part-2










The reaction I have been getting on outdoor boudoir shoots is nothing short of fantastic!  We live in one of the most beautiful parts of the Country and bringing that into light with the beauty of you is a win win situation.  Some of the questions I've received via email have had hesitation to the outdoor concept, but when we get on the phone or get together for coffee, all those fears are minimized.  Location is one of the most important elements in this type of shoot.  Because of its nature (no pun intended), we need to pick a location that is off the beaten path a bit so that a family out for a stroll or hike doesn't stumble into our photo shoot.  If we pick the location right, you will be much more relaxed.  The last two shoots I did were in this type of location.  One was outside of Monroe at a State Park where we hiked in a short distance after getting advise from a local Park Ranger.  We shot against a backdrop of a waterfall as well as inside this beautiful canopy of trees, ferns and mosses.  Just brilliant.  The other recent shoot was out in the foothills of the Cascades, just outside of North Bend.  There we hiked in a very short distance, traversed a small river and had perfect solitude.  In both cases the location and lighting were incredible. 

So now it is up to you to start the dialog with me.  Communication is the number 1 priority and we can's start that until you reach out to me.

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Outdoor Boudoir Photography https://www.emeraldcityboudoir.com/blog/2012/6/outdoor-boudoir-photography A few weeks ago I had a wonderful photo shoot with Ms S down near Puyallup.  We met for coffee a week prior to get to know one another and talk about her goals for this photo shoot.  We chose an outdoor location near her house that afforded the privacy for this intimate shoot.  The day of, it looked like it was going to rain but lo and behold, the Gods were in our favor and it did not rain for the entire shoot!!!!  Once complete, everyone was thrilled with the results!

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